Simply Pine
Simply Pine
3.5x more absorbent than clay
No tracking, no dust, no chemicals
Releases fresh pine scent
Healthy and safe for your cats and your home
Simply Pine

Simply Pine is a 100% all-natural pine pellet cat litter. It’s 3.5 times more absorbent than clay cat litters* and provides superior odor control with the fresh scent of pine. It contains no chemicals or additives. And it doesn’t create dust and you’ll find no tracking.

Simply Pine All-Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter … healthy and safe for your cats and your home.

Why Choose Simply Pine Cat Litter?
Simple. You Love Your Cats!

  • Simply Pine Cat Litter contains no chemicals or additives and doesn’t create dust – all of which can be potentially harmful to your cats, other pets and people in your home
  • Simply Pine Cat Litter delivers superior odor control
  • Simply Pine Cat Litter is 100% biodegradable
  • Simply Pine is more than 3.5 times more absorbent than clay* Check out our absorbency video and see for yourself!

*On per pound basis. Choice Forest internal research January, 2012.

Simply Pine Ingredients

Pollutants 0g 0%
Chemicals 0g 0%
Silica Dust 0g 0%
Aluminum Silicate 0g 0%
Sodium Bentonite 0g 0%
Artificial Fragrance 0g 0%
Natural Northeaster Pine   100%
Safe for Your Cats   100%

As Natural as a Pine Forest

Great pride is taken in making every bag of Simply Pine Cat Litter. We start with one of America’s greatest natural resources — timber. Working with timber owners for many decades, we have strong relationships with these great stewards of forests in the Northeast. Northeastern Pine is well known as a great tree species for its rich pine fragrance and highly absorbent properties. These attributes make it the perfect raw material for making Simply Pine into a great litter product.

The Northeastern Pine is cut into chips for easy handling. Those pine chips are then finely ground into fibers that can be densified and reshaped. Those fibers are then fed into a pelleting mill with heat approaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit for sterilizing. Mills convert those sterilized fibers into pellets that are compact for easy absorption and capturing odors.

The last stage of the process is cooling those pellets. Once cooled, the pellets are then moved to the bagging lines. Each bag is gently filled and checked for proper weight by automated scales. We then ship the finished Simply Pine product to your store. No additives, chemicals, or fillers are ever added to the sanitized Simply Pine product…it’s as natural as you can get!

We think that you’ll agree that Simply Pine is a great renewable natural solution for today’s cat.

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3.5 Times More Absorbent!

Simply Pine All-Natural Pine Pellet Cat Litter is 3.5 times more absorbent than traditional clay cat litter.

To prove it, Choice Forest Brands conducted a research study to visually demonstrate the absorbency properties and performance advantages of Simply Pine over two leading traditional clay-based cat litter brands.

The results are remarkable! See for yourself. 

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P: 800-242-2287
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Where To Buy

Simply Pine continues to gain distribution in stores near you. Today more than 3,000 stores carry Simply Pine to the delight of their cat-owner customers.

Find Simply Pine Cat Litter at a store near you.

Retailer Inquiries

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